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Snapchat Online users are more engaged than on any other platform (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook..) and the number of people contributing content on Snapchat is higher than on any other social media platform at this moment.
Most Snapchat users will welcome strangers – there are conversations to be made, new friends to be had, and lots of time to waste sending random and sexy pictures to random snapchat online users.

How To Find Snapchat Online Users

Whenever you start to join social media platform, after creating your profile, the first thing  you will do is to find your friends on it. If you are new to Snapchat, the easiest way to find snapchat friends is to type in the username in the search field on your snapchat app. Snapchat is an easy app to keep in touch with friends or share information about live events using AR face masks, stickers and ever-changing filters.
Snapchat nearby is a location-based feature. It allow you to search and connect with other Snapchat users who are in the same area as you. You can tap on ‘Add Friends’ then select ‘Add Nearby’ then Snapchat will find nearby snapchat users for you.

You can also find many snapchat users in your area by using Snapnickname website

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Other way to find snapchat friend

You should also add your Snapchat username to your social media profiles so that your friends can find you on snapchat. While someone can search and find you using your username — your appear as name” is what will be seen 100% of the time by your followers when you send Snaps or when you update your story.

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Snapchat is a very popular social network for many young people. Every Snapchat user has a unique Snapcode that can be scanned through the Snapchat mobile app to quickly and automatically add them as a friend. You should share your snapcode on your social profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.



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